Get Ready for Winter – Electrical Tips

By now, many of us have closed our pools and hauled out our rakes. Some of you maybe even started looking for your shovels in preparation of the snow (yes, we said the S word!).

With the cold weather approaching, it seems like an appropriate time to remind our customers of several tips that are pertinent in the fall and winter months. Continue to check in on our blog for more general tips and safety reminders!


generac logo   Generators

In New England (we service MA, RI, and NH) we have snow and ice storms. Unfortunately, sometimes the power goes out. Don’t get caught without electricity. If you don’t already have one, consider installing a generator.


Portable Heaters

Some portable space heaters, electric in-wall fan heaters and baseboard have been subject to recalls. Check your brand and model number and visit for any information regarding your heater.

  • Never use your space heater in moist areas or run the cord under a rug
  • Keep your heater on the floor where it has less chance of falling over and becoming a fire or shock hazard
  • Safety Tip: Check your home to make sure you have a class C fire extinguisher available and that your fire alarms are working- give us a call if you don’t have one on hand, we can help! Click Here for more information




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