Design Build

Design Build is a unique process having a “non-traditional” project style. Knowing each project is exclusive to one another, our Design Build team gives every Design Build project the individual attention it requires and deserves. Every project should follow its very own exclusive process in order to generate the best outcome for the individual client.

Although every design build project is exclusive to one another, each project would follow a similar work flow. To better understand this work flow, we have developed charts for both the traditional design method (chart 1) and the Design Build method (chart 2).

Each Design Build project follows the same general time line, moving from pre-design all the way through construction. The Pre-Design Phase includes meetings with essential team members comprising of the facility owner, construction manager or project architect. These meetings help the GE Design Team compose a proposal and estimate by uncovering project matters such as the scope of work, lighting standards, rebates, gear, special systems and schedule.

The meetings help the design team compose a proposal for the owner. The proposal will define allowances for certain areas of the project such as lighting, gear and systems such as fire alarm. Furthermore a complete proposal will clearly indicate any exclusions of work not covered or carried.

When the proposal contract is signed by the Assistant Project Manager, and Owner, the project enters the Design Phase. Here, the Director Pre Construction and estimator meet to review the scope of work including the allowances. All budget constraints will be noted at this time to establish a clear basis of the design.

Design drawings are developed and any necessary outside vendors are brought in to assist. The design is continuously reviewed by the estimator to ensure the budget is adhered to.
When the drawings are finalized, the project enters the pre-construction phase and the estimator puts together a final budget by obtaining quotes for the major equipment and works with the purchasing manager for buyout.

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