Training Education


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“Electrical Learning Indoctrination Program” is offered EXCLUSIVELY at Glynn Electric.  The program  is a one-day session for applicants with no prior electrical experience to be interviewed, complete a series of testing to gauge the ability to take direction, identify basic hand tools, as well as  complete a few basic hands-on tasks similar to a job site.  From the group of applicants, the top 12 scorers are hired by Glynn Electric and continue on to our Boot Camp.



Boot Camp

** For ELIP Graduates **

Our two-week Boot Camp was designed to give participants an understanding of the basics of the electric field.   Graduates of Boot Camp are then enrolled in our four year Apprenticeship Program.



Apprenticeship Program


Glynn Electric Apprentices (at no cost to the employee) are enrolled in our Glynn Electric Apprenticeship Program to fulfill the four year educational requirements needed to obtain a Journeyman’s license.



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