Training Education


Glynn Electric maintains a state certified apprentice training program. The module system of training is considered leading edge by many of the professionals in the electrical industry. A GLYNN ELECTRIC apprentice will receive training in theory, application, hands-on and code. The eight-module system ensures you are never repeating and are always progressing with your education. This 4-year state mandated program is offered to all GLYNN employees. All materials and textbooks are supplied by the company. All apprentices entering the company are placed where they fit in the training cycle based on prior education and training experience.



Other educational opportunities provided at Glynn Electric include the Journeyman’s Prep. This is a course offered after completing your apprentice schooling. We prepare you to take and pass your State Journeyman’s License exam. You will be prepared with a review of theory, hands-on training with the electric code, and practice exams. With a high success rate you will be assured of reaching your goal of becoming a licensed electrician in the shortest time possible.

When an employee receives a promotion to Project Foreman, he receives additional professional development education in the Foreman’s Course. To be successful at this level of supervision and responsibility, training includes: employee relations, leaderships skills, communication skills, and finally, how to plan, schedule, and delegate.

Industry professionals are solicited by Glynn Electric to provide training on topics of special interest. Some examples of previous specialty training sessions are: Fire Alarm Systems, Short Circuit, and Lightning Protection training. At Glynn Electric, we are dedicated and committed to being frontrunners in education and leaders in our industry.


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