What You Can Do About Spectrum Security Discontinued Service

What to Do About Spectrum Security Service Discontinuation (A Consumer Guide)

Many homeowners were recently taken by surprise by an abrupt announcement from Spectrum Security/Brighthouse that the company will discontinue service to their security customers as of February 2020. Consumers are justifiably upset about the company's surprise announcement which gives them little notice, offers no refunds or free replacements and effectively leaves them exposed to security risks while they scramble to find an alternative for their Spectrum security systems. The company appears to be providing little help to their former customers in that regard. This following guide provides our understanding of what is happening, provides information about consumer options and offers practical steps homeowners can take to ensure the security of their homes moving forward.


What is Spectrum Security

Spectrum is owned by Charter Communications, one of the largest cable providers in the country servicing more than 40 states. Charter acquired Spectrum’s home security business  as part of a merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks which took place in 2016. The company marketed an array of security and smart home services including its security suite, energy management, video monitoring, security sensors, monitoring and more many of which were smartphone controllable over the internet.


What is Happening with Spectrum Security

Spectrum made the surprise announcement that it is discontinuing its home security service on February 5th, leaving customers without a security provider and holding products (like cameras and other equipment) which can not be returned to Spectrum for a refund. It is unknown how long this discontinuation has been planned but Charter stopped actively marketing the Spectrum suite of services soon after the merger but only recently announced the shut down to customers.


Will My Spectrum Equipment Work After February 5

It appears not, for several reasons. A statement on Spectrum's user portal   reads:

On February 5, 2020, your Home Security service will be terminated. A number of suppliers that provide the equipment and network service necessary for your system to function will be shutting down their networks or ceasing operations. You will no longer be billed for this service.

Further, the company points people to alternative equipment options available for purchase from other companies. (This is a strong indication that Spectrum's equipment will be useless after the shut down.)

Another report says that Spectrum has actually hard coded their devices "firmware" to make it so their equipment is not compatible with other services which effectively orphans them after February 5. The company does not appear to have made any plan to update that firmware to allow customers to port it to another provider.


What Should I Do Now About Spectrum Security Shut Down

Former customers of Spectrum Security should have two main objectives. The first is to take immediate steps to secure their homes in anticipation of being left without functioning security services. The second is to find a reputable, trustworthy and qualified company to handle their security and smart home needs moving forward.

  1. Tips for securing your home in anticipation of Spectrum Security's Shut Down• Be sure that all entry points to your home are securely locked. Make sure that your locks are functioning  as designed and properly installed on all doors. Make sure all doors are locked before you leave your home and before going to bed. If there are sliding doors in your home you should set a pipe or metal bar in the middle bottom track of the door slide to prevent it from being slid open from the outside. In the short term you may wish to get a glass break for sliding doors or several windows (until you can have a qualified security company design a system that meets your precise needs)• Don't leave spare keys outside your home! Ask a trusted neighbor or family member to hold the spare.• If away from home, try to create the illusion that your home is occupied. Leave a television or radio on near the entry points to your home. Use lighting and motioned detectors to minimize hiding spots for burglars to hide.

    • Remove any signage or stickers that mention Spectrum or BrightHouse Security. The shut down of Spectrum is big news and  burglars will see your old stickers and signs as a green light indicating that your home is no longer being protected! Get a reputable. trustworthy security company to develop a system for you and apply their stickers and signs to your property.


  2. Find a Reputable Company to Provide Your Home Security
    Glynn Electric has been in business for more than 35 years and offers comprehensive integrated security for homeowners and businesses throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. More importantly Glynn is a company that puts the needs of our customers first and operates with an unwavering commitment to serving them. Frankly, it is shocking to us that any company would leave their customers in the position that Spectrum has. We would love the opportunity to show you what outstanding customer service looks like. Please contact us anytime to discuss how we can be of assistance to you!


Glynn Electric is Offering a FREE No Obligation Consultation to Former Spectrum Customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

We understand that former Spectrum Customers are in a difficult position and we would like to help! Our Integrated Security team stands ready to assist you in recovering from the unexpected shut down of your former security provider. Please contact us to schedule a  FREE, no obligation consultation to:

•Evaluate the Status of Your Existing Spectrum System and Equipment

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